Food therapy is used to help our bodies maintain balance of Yin and Yang and to resolve illness and prevent disease. Essentially food such as meat, fruits, vegetable and grains can be used to target, treat or supplement the treatment of certain diseases, adjusting Yin and Yang to bring balance and rehabilitate the body and mind. 

As we all know, food contains essential nutrients for the human body. In TCM, foods fall under specific categories, these are: cold, cool,  neutral, warm, hot. The foods we eat can influence how Qi moves throughout our body. The movement of Qi will then influence how we feel and how our organs function.

Qi can move: 

Upwards: hot/warm, yang-replenishing foods, usually spicy or sweet.

Downwards: cool/cold, yin-nourishing foods, usually salty or bitter

Inwards: sour and acidic foods, usually citruses and fermented foods

Outwards: acrid yang foods, usually warming spices