Chinese medicine meets skincare

Hey, we're Muihood

Skincare rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine

We're committed to revitalise age-old traditions from our rich cultural heritage to nurture your skin from its core and beyond.

Our formulations are made to have a genuine impact. We incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs that have been carefully selected for their proven benefits for the skin.

Charlotte Yau

Charlotte Yau


I started Muihood to reconnect with my roots. As a British-born Chinese, I wanted to honour and celebrate the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been passed down through generations.

Chinese Medicine has a rich history of holistic health and wellness, and has helped improved my skin texture and overall skin health.

Chinese Medicine practitioner

Victoria Yau

Victoria is a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner with deep experience in primary care evaluation research, bridging Western Medicine doctors and Chinese Medicine practitioners together.

She specialises in cosmetic facial acupuncture and women’s health. Alongside working with Muihood on TCM educational content.