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Traditional Chinese Medicine enriched skincare

In TCM a dull & lacklustre face is due to an imbalance of the organs; this would be shown up as Qi & Blood disharmony on the face. Qi and Blood is the basis of TCM beauty treatment; the skin depends on balance to feel energised and nourished.

To bring balance of Qi to our face we feed it with herbal nutrients to restore skin health to look glowy and rejuvenated.

Heritage beauty

Restore balance to your skin

Infused with Traditional Chinese Medicine superfoods, the Good Chi Cleansing Balm deeply cleanses + nourishes so your skin can feel it's soft, dewy best.

Good chi reviews
Good chi reviews
My mum suffers from mild acne + it’s made her chin look a bit clearer. Our faces feel moisturised, soft + fresh, I will be buying Muihood again.
— Rochelle
Good chi reviews
My new favourite cleanser! Can't believe how soft it leaves my skin after every use. Gets rid of all my makeup, it melts right off with ease!
— Hadiyah
Good chi reviews
An absolutely beautiful cleansing balm. I suffer from very sensitive eczema prone skin and this cleanser doesn’t irritate it at all.
— Becky
Good chi reviews
My skin feels so soft and nourished after using it.
— Nadine

Meet the founder

Charlotte Yau founded Muihood based on the foundation of her own Chinese heritage and the Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies she grew up with.