bringing balance to your skin

Traditional Chinese Medicine

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a long and rich healing art that's been around for 3000 years, it's based on seeking wellness and harmony for health. Like with all good things in life, the goal is to create balance.

When the body’s chi is in balance, it reflects on the body as a whole. The philosophy of TCM is that good health is nurtured from the inside, and the health of the internal body system is reflected on the skin.

What is Chi?

The energy in your body that keeps your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health in balance.

How is Traditional Chinese Medicine practiced within beauty?

TCM not only addresses skin issues, but the underlying root cause of these symptoms. This holistic approach helps us understand the bigger health picture.

It's known that the skin is closely linked to different organs in your body, and understanding how these organs function together can help diagnose and allow your chi to reach balance.

TCM hero herbs for your skin


Rejuvenates skin, energy-boosting + promotes collagen production.

Goji Berries

Nourish the liver and kidney, as well as improve blood circulation in the body.

Green Tea

Skin soothing, anti-inflammatory and helps reduce uneven skin tone.

Chinese Angelica Root

Boosts blood circulation and helps brighten the skin.

Jujube Date

Nourishes the blood and support digestive health. Rich in amino acids, flavonoids, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin A.