Muihood Gua Sha Spoon

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The Muihood Gua Sha Spoon is great for precision work like cheek sculpting, draining puffiness, jaw release and sinus congestion.

The spoon also makes for a more hygienic skincare application. No more dipping fingers or using single-use plastic spatulas!
Benefits of Gua Sha:

+ Stimulates your skin’s Qi (energy within) and promotes lymphatic drainage (for detoxification and de-puffing)

+ Relieves tense facial muscles

+ Naturally lifts and sculpts the contours of the face

How to use

Cleanse your skin first with Muihood Good Chi Cleanser

On clean moisturised skin, use the rounded area to massage around eyes and depuff, softening facial tension through acupressure points.

Using a face oil will help regulate blood circulation and smooth movements of chi

Can be used for both facial massage and acupressure stimulation

How to clean

Wash under with warm/hot, soapy water.

Your spoon will feel slippery when wet and soapy and it may break if dropped in the sink or on a hard surface.

We suggest placing a hand towel or washcloth in the sink bowl to absorb the shock in case it’s dropped.

Handcrafted with care

Muihood Gua Sha Spoons are handcrafted with 100% Xiuyan Jade.

Our spoons are carved from authentic, natural stones that may feature inconsistencies or slight flaws.

There may be a variation in colour, pattern, veining, shine, texture and shape. This is perfectly normal, and signs that our products are not chemically treated or mass-produced. They are not defects and will not affect the function, use, or safety of the tool.

Muihood Gua Sha Spoon will not be accepted for return or exchange. Please carefully consider this prior to purchasing.

Customer reviews
It's now one of my FAVOURITE products to use. My skin feels so soft and nourished after using it. I've noticed a difference in my skin overall, it definitely feels healthier and I get far less breakouts now.
— Nadine
My new favourite cleanser! Can't believe how soft it leaves my skin after every use. Gets rid of all my makeup, it just melts right off with ease!
— Hadiyah
Really impressed. Most cleansing balms fail to get rid of all of my makeup - this one somehow gets rid of everything and leaves my skin smooth and soft. I'm now onto my second tub. Great customer service too!
— Izzy
I’m useless with sticking to skin care routines but this is so simple to use and gets rid of everything without stripping my skin. I’ve got quite sensitive skin but this hasn’t irritated and leaves my face feeling moisturised too, added bonus.
— Julia H
All I can say is that this product is… AMAZING! It makes my skin feel super smooth and soft and has really helped my oily/ acne prone skin.
— Eli
This cleansing balm is just divine, my skin feels so hydrated and I really see the difference after just a few days.
— Fiona