Background and History:

Goji berry is one of the most common TCM ingredients. In Chinese Medicine, goji berry is known for tonifying yin and blood. It’s beneficial for Liver and Kidney deficiency patterns and is combined with other herbs to treat symptoms like pale complexion, dizziness, fatigue, low backache, reproductive issues, fertility, diabetes, blurred vision, and eye issues. 

TCM Benefits:

  • Tonifies Liver Yin
  • Tonifies Kidney Yin
  • Moistens the Lungs
  • Improves vision and brightens eyes

Type of ingredient in skincare: Antioxidant

Main benefits: Promotes collagen and elastin production, reduces hyperpigmentation and fights free radicals.

How it helps our skin:

  • Boosts immunity: Studies have shown that goji berries help fight free radicals brought about by air pollution, smoke, and UV rays all thanks to their antioxidant properties. 
  • Rich in B vitamins:  Which help the skin retain moisture, diminishing fine lines, flakiness, and wrinkles. 
  • They're barrier boosting: And are a good source of skin-beneficial fatty acids which help hydrate skin and enhance its barrier.
  • Keeps skin soft + supple: Goji Berries are packed with amino acids, which help keep skin hydrated and allow collagen, elastin, and other proteins to fully and effectively “connect” with one another, keeping skin soft and supple. 


    May 24, 2022 — Char Yau